What follows is a guideline template for a CV. It is offered in an attempt to save you time and effort. It is a subjective submission, so do feel free to make your own changes.

By way of explanation, phrases written in italics are there as commentary on content and should obviously not be included in your CV!

Two points about a CV – firstly, no one ever got a job on their CV alone. CVs get you interviews; you get the job from the interviews. As such, less can be more with a CV and try to keep it relatively succinct. That said, think of a CV of being a document you can use to frame your experience in the way in which you want it to be presented – so use it positively.

In terms of style – use bold, capitals and underlining effectively and consistently in order to make content easy on the eye and to break information up into “bite sized chunks”. Use bullet points for the same reasons.

It goes without saying, but always tell the truth!